Rogue AV: IAV Pro


Internet AntiVirus Pro is rogue anti-virus software that is uses fake scans and threats to entice users into downloading and purchasing the software. Moreover, IAV uses intermediary sites that force users to download the software. there is no easy way to uninstall the software and the IAV demonds that people pay to receive software that can uninstall the software that they never wanted in the first place. (For more about these guys read Dancho Danchev’s blog).

The “Support” form on IAV web sites stores submissions from users in a web accessible directory.


The 1200+ submissions found on one server mostly focused on the inability to remove the software and that fact that they either installed it by mistake or had no idea how the software was installed.

Some are polite…

Subject: Removal
Content: Please remove this file from my system. I had run this by mistake. I already have my own antivirus. Thanks!

Some are not so polite…

Subject: fuck this shit
Content: get this shit off my computer, now!!!!

Overall, people are extremely frustrated and unsure of what to do. Some seem to believe that this is a real anti virus product — some even ask if they are related to other real anti virus products. Many also indicate that they already have AV products installed.

Others recognise that it is a scam but are unable to do anything about it. Many state that it was their children that installed the software thinking they were doing their parents a favour. They also describe how it is interfering with their businesses, education and general computer usage.

What outrages people the most seems to be the fact that the rogue AV demands that you buy the software if you want to be able to uninstall it.

It is a good reminder that this stuff affects real peoples lives in a very unpleasant way.

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