TOM-Skype Trojan.Addclicker

One of the links on points to where another version of TOM-Skype is available for download. When I install this version, I receive a Trojan warning from Norton. The file promote.dll ( is installed by TOM-Skype and is flagged by Norton as Trojan.Addclicker:

Trojan.Adclicker is a generic class of Trojan Horses that are designed to artificially generate traffic to certain Web sites. These Trojans send HTTP requests to simulate clicks on banner advertisements, or to inflate Web counter statistics.

According to VirusTotal two other Anti-Virus products identify this file as a trojan (Ikarus: Trojan-Spy.Win32.Mslagent & TrendMicro: TROJ_ADCLICKE.IX).

While this is nothing like the report I recently released, it is another indicator that Skype needs to do something about their relationship with TOM.

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