Surveillance was a Chinese Gov’t Requirement — Skype

I raised questions in the “Breaching Trust” report regarding why TOM-Skype started to log their users’ messages and who had access to the data? Skype now says that the monitoring was a Chinese government requirement. Now we know why it was done and who had access to the captured messages.

Skype President Josh Silverman writes:

What have you learned from TOM about the uploading and storing of certain chats, and what are you doing about it?

What we have discovered in our conversations with TOM is that they in fact were required to do this by the Chinese government.

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  1. Not so long ago I had a conversation on skype with a friend in China. This friend told me the following in Chinese on skype: “I can provide you some info you want to know but don’t know” Then the next message appeared but in a flash was removed and replaced by the following notice: “[15:34:40] This message has been removed by the host” This happened two times. It was very possible that this person mentioned “Falun Gong” on that moment (but i dont know since the message was removed) But what really made me wonder was whether this host was a person or a computer. So my question is whether any sentence with the words “Falun Gong” in chinese 法轮功 automatically is removed? Did anybody ever try that? (i dont want to send it to a chinese skype user because i fear it might already put the chinese receiver in a dangerous position)Can anybody give me some feedback on this?

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