Microsoft: Censorship Notification Returns

Microsoft now has a censorship notification in the censored version of the search engine that they provide for the Chinese market. The notification appears when search are made for particular keywords, however, the notification is not displayed when searches are restricted to censored domains. (See Degrading Transparency: Comparing Google, Yahoo and Microsoft for past reports).

May 13, 2008
Engine Presence Placement Specificity Connection Screenshot
Google Yes High
Notification is placed under results
Mentions “local law”
Notification only appears when results are censored
Yahoo Yes Medium
Notification is placed at the bottom of every page
Mentions “local law”
No screenshot
Microsoft Yes* Medium
Notification when searching for particular “key words”.*
Mentions “local law”
Yes* screenshot (2)

* Microsoft provides notification when searching for particular “key words”, however, no message appears when restricting the search to a censored web site.

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