Canadian “DMCA” On Hold

Jim Prentice (Conservative), Minister of Industry, has delayed the introduction of amendments to the Copyright Act that are being called a Canadian “DMCA”.

The issue has caught fire in personal and consumer blogs on the Internet, led by Michael Geist, the Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-Commerce Law at the University of Ottawa.

The Fair Copyright for Canada Facebook group now has over 17,000 members and the opposition is growing. The public is concerned that the balance that copyright legislation is supposed to maintain between the interests of creators and the interests of the general public is being distorted. The new amendments reportedly introduce “anti-circumvention” measures which prevent Canadians from using legally purchased media and technology in the ways they want. Also, it includes no flexible fair dealing and exceptions for parody, time shifting and device shifting or expanded backup provision. Finally Canadians are pissed off, that’s a technical term, because the public was never consulted while industry lobby groups were.

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