Child Protection Online

The Privacy Commission’s blog has an interesting post about the protection of children online. The context is in terms of privacy and not the usual implementation of filtering technologies.

There are increasingly deep levels of intimacy between marketers and children – there’s a thin line between content and commerce

All the major children’s playsites comply with data protection laws – in fact they all market themselves as champions of children’s privacy

In these children’s sites, the pervasive market research invades privacy – seamless surveillance – colonizing their play – constraining the identities available to them – recasting things like citizenship, friendship, autonomy, choice and control within the framework of the marketplace

It is interesting because all these sites would not be blocked by filtering software (ostensibly implemented to block pornography etc…) because they are kids sites. It not only demonstrates that throwing technology at a social problem will not “fix” it as well as need for parents and children to communicate and educate themselves about Internet safety.

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