China not blocking RSS/Feeds

EDIT: the focus here is on the fact that China is not dynamically blocking ALL RSS Feeds, however, feeds hosted on already blocked sites are, of course, also blocked.

This article claims that RSS feeds are being blocked in China.

More recent reports tell us that the PSB appears to have extended this block to all incoming URLs that begin with “feeds,” “rss,” and “blog,” thus rendering the RSS feeds from many sites—including ones that aren’t blocked in China, such as Ars Technica—useless.

I’ve tested and they are not blocked.

As Danwei points out “Ars Technica feed are inaccessible in China because it is run through Feedburner’s server (, which is blocked.

GV Advocacy has a nice round-up here.


  1. Hi there,

    I am in Beijing and read this very blog post as an iPod export from my RSS reader, but other feeds of mine whose parent websites are not blocked (e.g. CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) were last updated the day before I entered China (Sept 30). Many feeds that are working now were not a couple of days ago.

    I have not pinged hosts like the CBC to check whether they use feedburner, nor have I tried different Chinese RSS readers – and I only skimmed through the GV roundup whose tone wasn’t so “nice” actually – because I think the point we’re missing here is that RSS censorship is already successful to some extent if it makes some feeds unavailable some of the time in your favorite reader.

    RSS is about convenience, regularity, and information management more than access to information. A Chinese banker might have different ways to access specific feeds, but he will probably only use only one, however incomplete, to read his morning news on the subway.

  2. The point was that China is not dynamically blocking ALL RSS feeds — feeds hosted on blocked sites are naturally also blocked.

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