Judge orders removal of rant on YouTube

Stan Hall was angry at his lawyer and posted a rant about it on YouTube. An Ontario judge has ruled that the video must be removed:

Superior Court Justice William Jenkins reviewed the computer postings.

“I find that it includes unproven allegations that Mr. Ledroit and his law firm are incompetent and dishonest,” Jenkins said in his decision.

Jenkins ruled the postings would cause lawyer Paul Ledroit and his law firm “significant and irreparable damage” if left for public viewing.

When accessing two videos that were uploaded under the username “stanhalll” YouTube displays the message “This video has been removed by the user.” however, the text description of the messages remains:

It’s like David and Gollieth. I will not stop I will not give up as long as I am alive. I lost everyting that meant anyting to me in my life, it is gone, and Paul Ledroit was hired to help us, but all he did was help himself to a huge legal bill

Paul Ledroit is now suing me, Why because he has the man power to do it and becuase he wants to scare me, to intimadate me, He wont scare me nor will he intiminedate me. The truth shall set you free I dont’ care how much money he has freedom of speech is what I am after

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