China’s Web Police

It appears that “Jingjing” and “Chacha” are being brought to Beijing. Two “virtual cops” will be appearing on users screen when they visit major news portal such a sohu and sina and warn them about illegal content. User’s can click the images and be redirected to the police website “where they can report illegal activities and harmful information”.

Dong Lin, chief technology officer of Xirang, a Beijing-based hosting service provider, said police have mobilized all forces, from China Netcom, the country’s second largest fixed-line operator, to information security companies such as Symantec, to jointly combat online harmful information.

That’s right, its says Symantec.

It seems that AP‘s report missed that detail and also stated that users can click the police images if they need “help” while Xinhua makes it clear the intent is to get users to report information to the police. The AP article also does not mention Symantec.


  1. […] Nart Villeneuve, an Internet censorship researcher, points out that the recent Associated Press article on the cartoon police officers of the Chinese Internet left out an important element of the story. Jingjing and Chacha, as they are called, are there to “help” people when they encounter so-called inappropriate materials. […]

  2. I thought you might be interested in our recent reporting on this story – a lot of bloggers are showing interest but not many in the MSM.

    English Web editor, Radio Free Asia

  3. The problem with supporting the Communist Party is that all business issues are related to political issues, and in the end, every important political and social issue has relevance to business!

    What is even more disgraceful is that for financial gains, a few overseas countries and corporations investing in China have sold their souls by exchanging human rights for business opportunities in China. They have tacitly acquiesced to and have extended the CCP’s crimes. American technology should be used to crack open, not cement, the authority of the Communist party.

    A democracy cannot be both ignorant and free.

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