U.S. Suspends Data Mining Program

The U.S., which has the most sophisticated electronic surveillance program in the world, has suspended yet another program, ADVISE (Analy­sis, Dissemina­tion, Visu­ali­zation, Insight and Semantic Enhance­ment), after it was found to violate privacy laws. The CMS which uncovered the program in 2006, reports:

From its earliest days, the system’s pilot programs used “live data, including personally identifiable information, from multiple sources in attempts to identify potential terrorist activity,” but without taking steps required by federal law and DHS’s own internal guidelines to keep that data from being misused, the DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) said in a June report to Congress, which was made public Aug. 13.

This is the third shutdown following the closure of the Pentagon’s TALON database — which monitored peace activists among others — and the infamous Total Information Awareness project.

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