ISPs Filtering in Canada

The Toronto Star reports:

Canada’s biggest Internet service providers have agreed to block hundreds of offending websites in an effort to stamp out child pornography.

Telecom companies such as Bell Canada, Rogers, Shaw, SaskTel, Telus, Videotron and MTS Allstream are partnering with to launch “Project Cleanfeed Canada” that will block between 500 and 800 offending websites., a national child sexual exploitation hotline, will provide the names of sites to be blocked. The hotline relies mostly on tips from the public.

Some good discussion over at Michael Geist’s blog.

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  1. I had just read Geist’s original post and was about to e-mail you in case you hadn’t seen it.

    I’m normally a fan of Geist but this has soured me. Yesterday he mentioned that is “amenable to incorporating judicial review of the block list”, as if a judge will sit there and wade through the entire list? Has this guy ever met a judge?

    Later in the comments he says “Accessing this content is illegal and this is not a choice that Canadians are allowed to make under the Criminal Code.” Funny thing, I thought that the Criminal Code dealt with punishing citizens if and when they do intentionally commit offences. I don’t see how it could possibly disallow the perpetrator from choosing to commit them (that would be a magical document indeed, no more crime!).

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