A Censored Network: Iran

In conjunction with GovCom.org, the ONI has created A Censored Network (PDF), showing censored sites in Iran that have a link relationship. GovCom’s IssueCrawler was used to crawl our initial list of blocked sites and captured the outbound links and performed co-link analysis returning an interlinked network. We then checked each of these sites from Iran to see if they are blocked or not. Through this process we found additional blocked sites and it neatly shows connected clusters of content that have been censored.


  1. Check out http://www.proxydom.com to access blocked sites.

  2. You may find the most complete details about iranian’s internet filtering system at http://www.no-filter.com. We also developed a comprehensive Guide to help people get rid of censorship. The PDF version of this Guide can be downloaded at pdf.no-filter.com. The site is in persian language, of course but the english translation will become available soon.

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