Spoof site shut down in Canada

Joe Volpe, a candidate in the Liberal leadership race accepted campaign donations from children as young as eleven in an apparent effort to stretch the campaign rules which limit contributions to $5400 per person. In one case, an entire family — mom, dad, and four kids — with connections to Canada’s largest generic drug manufacturer each donated $5400.

A spoof websiteyouthforvolpe.ca — was setup in response. The spoof site encouraged children to contribute to Volpe’s campaign using mommy and daddy’s credit card.

The website was quickly shut down. The domain name was cancelled after the registrar (Canadian Domain Name Services Inc.) was alerted by a Globe and Mail reporter that the contact phone number for the domain registrant was not valid. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) required valid information for domain registrations and after reviewing the information for youthforvolpe.ca the registrar concluded that the information was fabricated and canceled the domain name.

The domain and website now appear to be restored.

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