Media Round-Up

Well its been a crazy couple of weeks with the media. The Globe and Mail put our efforts against censroship on the Front Page, USA Today upgraded me to Professor at University of Toronto (I am not a Professor :) ) and the Toronto Sun made me Head Hacker. All in all I like the positive coverage of hacktivism!

U.S. technology has been used to block, censor Net for years – USA Today
Cracks In the Wall – Forbes
Google loses lustre in China – NOW
Scaling the firewall of digital censorship – Globe and Mail
The Hacker Prof investigates web misdeeds – Toronto Sun
Beating censorship on the Internet – Boston Globe

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  1. Hi,your blog is really interesting since I am interested in issues of freedom of expression on the Internet. I read your testimony at the CHRC on Feb.01, 2006 with meticulous care. I looked at the CHRC website and I couldn’t find a transcript or a video of the hearing especially the debate section, could you please help me in finding such information? Thanks in advance!

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