Internet Filtering in Uganda

A website that is critical of the government suddenly became inaccessible to users in Uganda just before the election. The website is hosted in the U.S. First, the ruling Party, contacted the U.S. based hosting company and asked them to block access to the site and then contacted the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).

The UCC ordered MTN and Uganda Telecom to block access to the website. The letter stated:

“Serious concerns have been raised in respect of the operations of the website identified by IP address Due to the gravity of the concerns, this is to request you that, with immediate effect, you temporarily prohibit access to this address until further notice.”

657 completely unrelated websites are hosted on the same IP address, so by blocking by IP address all these are also blocked.

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  1. […] That said, it’s incumbent upon global leaders not to let Museveni slip quietly into his third term and third decade of leadership. Voter, press and candidate intimidation before the poll were widespread. Abraham McLaughlin, writing for the Christian Science Monitor, talks about being threatened – perhaps in jest, perhaps not – by Museveni’s media officials. Nart Villeneuve reports that the website of Radio Katwe, an independent, anti-government radio station, has been blocked within Uganda. The radio station was prevented from broadcasting during the elections by Uganda’s ministry of health, who cited laws against campaigning within 48 hours of the election. […]

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