Detecting & Evading Filtering

At the Internet & Democracy 2005 conference in London we had a session on “Detecting and Evading Filtering”. The goal was to explain some techniques used to better determine filtering and give an overview of the ONI methodology.

In the second half of the presentation we focused on censorship circumvention. I like to talk about circumvention from two perspectives: push & pull. The “push” strategy if from the perspective of content producers and I hoped to use the discussion to start developing a sort of “best practices” document for content producers who expect their content to be blocked.

The final part of the presentation focused on pull strategies, basically proxies/anonymizers etc… — technology that enables users to select filtered content to view. Most of the strategies from this perspective are detailed in “Choosing Circumvention“. We also demo’d psiphon :)

The slides from the presentation are available here:

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