Internet Filtering in Morocco

Morocco has now joined the list of countries that filter. RSF reports:

Reporters Without Borders has verified that the,,, and websites have all been rendered inaccessible in Morocco since 21 November. … A “connection failure” type of error message is displayed when someone tries to access one of these sites.

I can confirm (via proxy) that , , and are blocked. The site is also blocked. The IP addresses of all these sites are blocked. Blocking by IP address usually causes significant overblocking. In blocking these 5 sites, Morocco is actualy blocking 2287 domains.

Here is the breakdown:

134 on
1985 on
1 on
137 on
30 on


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  2. I am in Morocco, and found that I could access all sites except for However, I have had great difficulty in regularly accessing livejournal, and am thinking that this site might be inadvertedly blocked through the use of the filtering software.

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