The filtering software SmartFilter, which is used to filter in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Tunisia and until recently in Iran, now classifies http://www.nartv.org/ in its “hacking” category. I consider myself a hacker so at first I was rather pleased. But SmartFilter’s category definition — certainly not the same as mine — in no way matches the content on this site:

SmartFilter provides this definition for the category:

Hacking (hk)
This category includes URLs that distribute information and hacking tools (root kits, kiddy scripts, etc.) that help individuals gain unauthorized access to computer systems.

Version 3 still categorizes http://www.nartv.org/ as “Gen. News”:

General News (nw)
The general news category applies to most online news and mainstream publications, such as business, trade, and medical journals, as well as high school and university newspapers. It also includes headline-news sites, newswire services, and proprietary news services.

While I certainly don’t mind being labeled a hacker, I am concerned that people are being blocked when trying to view this site. I have requested SmartFilter change my categorization to General News.

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