Expression Under Repression

Thanks to some negotations by HIVOS the “Expression Under Repression” event at WSIS was a success. It was unclear whether the event was to be held at all after the Tunisian authorities threatened to shutdown the session, claiming that the topic had nothing to do with ICT for Development. On the morning of the event a “cancelled” notice appeared on the door of the room where the event was scheduled to take place. And during the first panel there was some coomotion as a Tunisian camera crew and assorted plainclothes agents entered the conference room. I began my presentation as negotiations continued in the hallway outside. While giving an overview of Internet filtering trends worlwide, based on the OpenNet Initiative‘s ongoing research, I tried to emphasize three key issues: Transparency/Accountability, Unintended Consequences and Mission Creep. Here are the slides from my presentation.

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