Telus Filtering… Badly

While blocking access to one Union site (during an escalating labour dispute) Telus actually blocked access to 766 other domains hosted on the same IP address. Blocking by IP address is often the first choice for ISP’s new to blocking and it has serious unintended consequences. Here is the lastest ONI bulletin:

On July 25, 2005, Canadian Internet Service Provider (ISP) Telus blocked subscribers’ access to a Web site set up by an employee labor union intended to publicize the union’s views about its dispute with Telus. In addition, the OpenNet Initiative’s (ONI) research shows that Telus’s decision to block traffic to the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the site caused collateral filtering of at least 766 additional, unrelated Web sites. Telus restored access to the IP address hosting the sites on July 28, 2005, while appearing to maintain an option to block any sites it chooses.

The full bulletin is available here (pdf).

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  1. You may be aware of the recent manipulation of US copyright law by Telus in an attempt to cover up their union-bashing. Can you help us?

    Details here:

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