This article discusses the internet in the former Soviet Union with specific reference to Kyrgyzstan. It also discusses some of the ONI’s work on election mointoring and event-based filtering & Denial of Service attacks in the Kygyz Republic during the recent elections and subsequent ousting of Akayev.

There was greater scope for investigation of these attacks, for instance by the Open Net Initiative (ONI), an Internet monitoring effort run by several Western universities, which issued reports on the attacks and their causes. These reports cited the role of a group known as “Shadow Team,” which claimed to be behind the denial of service attacks and demanded that certain websites be removed if the attacks were to be halted. Under pressure to keep web traffic flowing, Elcat complied with this demand in cooperation with the owners of the targeted sites, which included those of the independent newspapers ResPublica and MSN, resulting, as ONI noted in their interim report, in de facto censorship.

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