Censoring Zahra Kazemi

Zahra Kazemi was an Iranian-Canadian who was killed by while being interrogated by Iranian security agents. Kazemi was taking pictures of a student protest outside of a prison when she was arrested. Censorship, including Internet filtering, is occurring in Iran, but it is here in Canada where efforts are also being taken to censor Kazemi’s work. Naomi Klein writes:

Close to two years later, there are new attempts to cover Kazemi’s lens, to prevent her photographs from reaching public eyes – only now the censorship is happening inside her adopted country of Canada. Last week Montreal’s Cote St. Luc Library removed five of Kazemi’s photographs from display after Jewish patrons complained of alleged “pro-Palestinian bias”; they left up the rest of the exhibition, which had already been displayed in Paris. Kazemi’s son, Stephan Hachemi, called the removal of the Palestinian photographs “a violation of my mother’s spirit” and rightly demanded that the library show the entire exhibit or nothing at all. So the library took down the entire show.

There are those trying to have the exhibit restored:

A Jewish group [Canada Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation] in Montreal is accusing city authorities of censorship over its decision to remove a library exhibit of the work of murdered photojournalist Zahra Kazemi.

www.zahrakazemi.com seems to be down. Anyone have a mirror of the five censored photos?

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