Website Registration

China’s website registration has been getting a lot of press lately, but one of China’s neighbours, Kyrgyzstan, is also considering something similar:

Adahan Madumarov, vice-premier declared about the necessity to register internet-sites as electronic mass media.
”Whether we want or not, but virtual mass media today became the source of alternative information, which seriously influence on mass opinion and therefore we can’t ignore their activity,” noted Adahanov.
The Kyrgyzstan’s publicity ambiguously reacted for this idea. The opponents think this idea is the encroachment on Internet essence. According to their opinion even after the overthrows of an authoritative mode Internet remained as the only source of information, above the censorship, administrative and criminal prosecution by authorities.
“Besides there are still serious problems with realization of position on status of on-line periodicals as electronic mass media. The main problem is in impossibility of spreading the jurisdiction of local legislation relating to web-sites, located on the servers of other states,” think the opponents.

Now that the “opposition” has taken power, it seems that they also are targetting some of the same newspapers targetted during Akayev’s presidency. With presidential elections on the horizon, Kyrgyzstan is a place to watch.

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