Publication Bans

A comment on Bitch. Ph.D.’s blog tackles the issue of “publications bans” in Canada. Recently a publication ban was ordered by Justice Gomery on specific testimony related to the “sponsorship scandal“. A U.S. blog published the information despite the publication ban. The ban was partially lifted, but Gomery has now extended the publication ban.

That night I watched CTV news (I watch The National too) and was surprised that they clearly identified the blog that broke the publication ban. A quick Google search turned up the results. The blog was actually inaccessible that night, but the Google cache was accessible.


  1. Such stories are often oversimplified, to serve the Internet-changes-everything hype.
    Canada gets overflow from all US Media – newspapers, radio, TV. There
    is often far more complexity in a story than That Darn Internet.
    Here, see one Canadian analysis – “… from my cynical viewpoint it looks
    a lot more like U.S. conservative bloggers were used, via Captain Ed’s
    “Deep Throat,” to further the political agenda of the Canadian
    Conservative Party”).

  2. Yes, its true, the amount of people who actually would go and look up the information on the Internet is probably rather low — and the main point of the publication ban was to not contaminate the potential jury pool — but what surprised me was that CTV basically told users how to circumvent the ban.

  3. “what surprised me was that CTV basically told users how to circumvent the ban.”

    Which, I think, is proof that what’s going on here is far more complex than That Darn Internet 1/2 :-)

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