Military Censors… Badly

It seems that the Pentagon’s procedure of censorsing documents is not working out too well. A recent report concerning the killing of Italian Agent Nicola Calipari and the wounding of Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena has just been released. Calipari was escorting Sgrena to the airport after securing her release in Iraq, Sgrena had been held hostage in Iraq for more than one month. (BBC background info) . Many pages of the military’s inventigation had been censored, however, if you download the pdf and simply copy ‘n paste the censored sections you can read the full contents of the report. BBC reports that a Greek student first discovered this and informed Italian newspapers which have now published the report in full. You can download the censored and uncensored version of the report here.

In addition to names, places and military tactics the censored portions concern some of the specific details of how the road block was set-up, the communications set-up and the report’s reccommendations. One extremely odd censored section is the folowing footnote on page 29:

2 (S//NF) 2 VOIP is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made using a broadband internet connection instead of a regular (analog) phone line.

But, I think it was to obscure the fact that the US military uses VOIP to communicate, not to prevent us from knowning that the US military knows what VOIP is. The Italian report is due shortly.

One comment.

  1. Right. Look at the context of that footnote:

    “The 1-76 TOC had two means of communicating with 4th Brigade, its higher headquarters: Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)2 and FM. The 1-76 FA Battle Captain was using only VOIP to communicate with 1-69 IN, but experienced problems with VOIP, therefore losing its only communication link with 1-69 IN, other than going through 4th Brigade.”

    That seems a fairly notable operational detail. Even if the footnote
    were left in, the unredacted material would make it clear that VOIP
    was somehow involved in the communications.

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