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CTV’s “Ask Us”, (video clip here) tries to answer a question from a viewer regarding copyright in Canada:

“When I was going to university a professor of mine said it’s legal to download music in Canada because the music industry is already compensated for their loss through taxes on blank CD’s and cassettes. Is this true?”

Downloading “music” is legal! The question is, I assume, about downloading copyrighted music (which should also be distinguished from “uploading”). Quoting the Copyright Board of Canada, CTV says that downloading music from the Internet is in fact legal for personal use and the copy must be made to a tape or CD. As Russell McOrmond accurately points out, downloading is legal but uploading is not, despite the fact that the CRIA lost their most recent case against “uploaders”. The CRIA lost because they presented a lousy case.

So why does CTV then highlight that the CRIA says it is illegal? Is it legal or illegal, just answer the question.

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