Questioning Bloggers

It seems that the authorities haven’t figured out what blogs are…

The blogger then spent the next three hours answering questions about blogs and how their contents can be controlled. He said he was also asked about his motivations for maintaining his site when he appeared to derive no income from it.

No, I’m not talking about this

Jeremy Wright said he was halted at Toronto Pearson International Airport before dawn Wednesday and then searched, questioned for three hours and prevented from taking his flight.

In a telephone interview, Wright recounted his experience: “The guy kept saying, ‘What do you do for a living?’ I said I’m a blog consultant. He said, ‘What’s blogging?’ But he didn’t have any context for what a Web site was. His response was, ‘You can’t make a living from blogging. Stop lying and tell me why you’re really here.’ “

The first incident happened in Malaysia. Police officers and government officials questioned blogger Mack Zulkifli about blogging. Other bloggers were also question regarding the content of their posts. The second incident happened when Jeremy Wright tried to go from Canada to the US and was stripped searched, questioned and denied entry because the customs agent didn’t understand what blogging was all about.

The similarity between the two is rather eerie and it does show a general lack of understanding of blogging by those in authority no matter the country. For more on the oppression of bloggers worldwide, check out

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