Kyrgyz Errata

A BoingBoing post echo’s a woefully inaccurate post by Hans Henrik on the situation in Kyrgyzstan which cites some of the work I was involved with on the OpenNet Initiative project while in Kyrgyzstan during the recent election which is available here here and here. The websites in question,, were all hosted on Everyones Internet, Inc. in Houston Texas are were reportedly defaced on several occasions and were subjected to Denial of Service attacks, as were several other opposition newspapers hosted on other servers. Other sites affcted by DoS attack include, and which I have mirrored at, and

However, it is not accurate to say that the government hijacked these sites. The government may be suspected in the involvement in these attacks (which appear to be DoS for hire) but it is not true that was hijacked by the government. Moreover, Internews is not a government controlled newspaper. Internews trains journalists and promotes independent media. They are active in Kyrgyzstan and maintain the site — it is not a “government controlled news agency”, its funding comes from a variety of sources including OSI and USAID. And as far as bloggers go, check out

In other developments, the President has fled and the opposition have named a new leader.

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