Information War Intensifies as Unrest in Kyrgyzstan Continues

New information from ONI on the DDOS attacks during the Kyrgyz election:

The Kyrgyz Internet is becoming a battleground as unrest triggered by last week’s inconclusive parliamentary vote spreads. Two leading Internet Service providers are embattled from an alleged hacker attack and pressure to remove information about growing unrest in the country. A series of e-mails from a hacker(s) calling himself “Shadow Team” posted to Elcat and Asia Info and obtained by ONI, claimed responsibility for the attacks and demanded that the service providers remove the websites of two Kyrgyz newspapers www and “Shadow Team” also sent e-mail to a popular regional news site, demanding that it stop publishing all information about the situation in Kyrgyzstan. Respublica’s ISP, Elcat, complied with the hackers’ demands and temporarily suspended publishing the newspapers website. The decision to suspend the website appears to have been agreed to by Elcat and the publishers of the newspaper, as Elcat also hosts many Kyrgyz NGOs, international organizations and other civil society groups.

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