FoxNews v. Al Jazeera

Well, Canadians can now enjoy Fox News but not Al Jazeera. Fox News has been approved by the CRTC. However, Al Jazeera was given a conditional approval that carries certain restrictions: distributors must retain an audio-visual recording of each Al Jazeera program for a period of four weeks (8 weeks is a complaint is launched), ensure that no “abusive comment” is broadcast, and alter or delete the service to comply with these restrictions.

The Commission recognizes that this measure is a restriction on the freedom of expression of BDUs [Broadcasting Distribution Undertaking] and, potentially, of viewers of Al Jazeera. However, the right to freedom of expression is not absolute; it is subject to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. — CRTC

No Canadian distributors carry Al Jazeera.


  1. There was an insightful article on this topic published in the Star a few months back, archived here. Needless to say, “abusive comment” apparently doesn’t include vulgarity, distortion of facts, etc.

  2. Er, sorry, link is here: