Big Brother: CL in Die Zeit

The German newspaper Die Zeit has published an article containing a profile on the Citizen Lab. If you speak German, read it here, or continue reading for a translated excerpt.

Translation of an excerpt from the article

Munk Centre, Toronto. So this is what it looks like when a hacker group hacks together, and infiltrates/penetrates a strange/foreign computer system. In the basement of the Munk Centre for International Studies in Toronto sits Nart Villeneuve in a washed-out Latin American Rebel Shirt and a scruffy beard around his jowls. His colleague, David Warde-Farley, was obviously out of the sun for a long time, and in front of both flattened computers, one screensaver from “The Matrix”, another of a bouncing cow.

“Look here, those are computers in Iran”, said Nart, and pointed to a long column of numbers and symbols. “You can really see those, when important websites are being filtered by the state censors.”

(translation c/o Charles Barthmann)

It’s always interesting reading a reporters rendition of a conversation. I’m not sure where they come up with this stuff. But anyway, clearly, the media refuses to understand the meaning of the word hacker. even when you explain to them that you do NOT break-in to other people’s computers.

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  1. For your amusement, here’s my favorite quote on the word “hacker” in this context:

    “Wanted: Loveable hero for copyright battle”

    “As soon as the judge says ‘hacker,’ you know you’ve lost,”
    University of Minnesota law Professor Dan Burk said. “There is an
    attempt to paint defendants as unsympathetic, low-priority, on
    the fringe–to make it seem like nobody respectable is going to
    be harmed except for weird hacker types.”

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