Old Style Censorship

Like many of us wrapped up in the Internet, I tend to focus on Internet censorship and often don’t pay enough attention to old style censorship. These two recent stories caught my attention:

Iraq: Government shuts down Al-Jazeera offices in Baghdad

Kuwait: Government bans Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”

Although the Internet has brought with it the great promise of of freedom of information (and those who seek to filter and censor that access) the number of those who have access to the Internet is still relatively small and bounded by many forms of class and priviledge. It’s the traditional media that still matters the most to most people. And there are those who seek to control and filter it , just like the Internet.


  1. Depending on the prevalence of broadband Internet in Kuwait (I’m guessing it probably doesn’t exist), it might be feasible for some Kuwaitis(sp?) to view the movie anyway. Which brings us back to censorship, surveillance and the like online.

    Also, let’s not forget the Right’s crusade to intimidate theatres in the US into not showing the film. Apparently many in the States believe that disagreeing with the film is simply not good enough and decided that taking matters into their own hands was justified. Funny that the same people are the ones who hide behind the First Amendment when issuing defamatory and untrue statements about their opponents would then go out of their way to deprive others of that same right.

  2. you forgot CHOI FM, banned by the CRTC, in Quebec City.

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