The Hacker Grow-Op

Wired covered the Hacktivism panel at 2600’s HOPE in New York City and spoke with Oxblood Ruffin of the cDc as well as Prof. Ron Deibert from the Citizen Lab. Apart from reaffirming that “Hacktivism isn’t found in the graffiti on defaced Web pages, in e-mail viruses bearing political screeds or in smug take-downs of government or organizational networks” but is ” the development and use of technology to foster human rights and the open exchange of information” the artcile talks about some of the work we do at the Citizen Lab. which Deibert described as a “hacker grow-op.” Deibert explained:

The combination of hacking in the traditional sense of the term — not accepting technologies at face value, opening them up, understanding how they work beneath the surface, and exploring the limits and constraints they impose on human communications — and social and political activism is a potent combination and precisely the recipe I advocate to students and use to guide my own research activities

Hacktivism and How It Got Here
Wired – July 14, 2004

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