Hacktivism @ HOPE

I was invited to represent the Citizen Lab at HOPE in New York City by the CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc). HOPE is a convention hosted by 2600. The cDc organized a panel on hacktivism that included Sharon Hom from HRIC, Jagdish Parikh from HRW and Eric Grimm from the law firm CyberBrief. The panel was hosted by Oxblood Ruffin and Count Zero from the cDc.

Sharon spoke powerfully about the Internet and human rights abuses in China and was follwoed by Eric who spoke about the HESSLA (local mirror) license he helped Hacktivismo create and how he worked with the United States Department of Commerce to get the distribution of 6/4 approved. Jagdish spoke about Internet censorship and repression going on worldwide. I spoke about the Citizen Lab as a hacktivist lab and outlined some of the projects that we are working on. My presentation can be downloaded here (ppt, pdf).

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