Filtering in India

After reading a report about new filtering in India and varied compliance among ISP’s (India delegates filtering responsibilty to the ISP and send them notices about which web sites to block). Previously India ordered a particular Yahoo! Group (kynhun) to be blocked which resulted in many ISPs blocking the entire domain. As part of my work with ONI, checked the web site in question (an inflammatory anti-Islamic website, The website was in fact blocked, even by SIFY, an ISP named in the article that had expressed concerns over the authority under which the blocking order was delivered. In addition, at least 2 other websites were also blocked because they share the same IP address as, a practice that Ben has written about in the past. Finally, one of the websites blocked due to IP sharing,, is on the US Foreign Terrorist Organizations list. A strange coincidence. You can read the entire ONI bulletin here.


  1. On this topic, you might enjoy something I co-authored a long while back:

    CyberPatrol – 247 bans for the price of 1

    (in collaboration with Art Wolinsky of Online Internet Institute ) – A case study where CyberPatrol banned at least 247 sites in one swoop, and the ban itself was wrong to boot.

  2. Thanks for the additional domains, Seth ( I’ve updated Bulletin 003 ( with additional enumeration information on the 6 additional domains submitted by Seth ( , crediting Seth of course). They are all inaccessible as well, so no change in that regard.

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