Happy World Press Freedom Day

On request from International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) I tested to see if there site www.ifex.org was blocked. I tested from mutliple remote computers in 78 different countries and found that the site was filtered in Vietnam. The IFEX release states:

The organization recently asked the OpenNet Initiative (ONI), a joint project of the Universities of Toronto, Cambridge and Harvard, to test if any countries were blocking the IFEX site. The ONI ran four rounds of testing on 18 servers in Vietnam and found it impossible to log on to the IFEX site. The servers were all run by Vietnam’s main Internet service provider, Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT).

It’s important to remember when claiming that a site is “blocked” in an entire country that the accuracy of the claim depends heavily on the level at which the filtering is implemented. In this case only connections via VNPT were blocked. Since its the largest ISP in Vietnam its an important find; it is likely that other smaller ISP’s also filter the site but there very well may still be other ISPs that do not filter the site. That’s how it goes.

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