Blockpage Gallery

The Blockpage Gallery is a collection of screen shots from a wide variety of countries, ISP’s, commercial and open source filtering applications. The screenshots have been collected during various explorations of Internet filtering worldwide.

A blockpage is a page that filtering applications return instead of the requested content, generally indicating that the requested web site/page is blocked. Often they will indicate the reason why the web page/site is blocked. Block pages are different from error pages (although some error pages are included in the gallery in instances where countries are filtering but instead of returning block pages they return standard error pages.

The screen shots generally show blocked web sites/pages that are significant to country involved or are a result of mis-categorizations by commercial filtering lists. This demonstrates one of the inherent flaws of filtering technologies: overblocking.

To be clear, this is not the result of methodological testing nor is it in any comprehensive. However, it does demonstrate the wide variety of filtering technologies and their locations of implementation world wide. It also shows that commercial filtering applications are being purchased and use to filter access for entire ISP’s, sometimes even countries. It also shows that within a given country a variety of filtering technologies can be deployed.

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