The Google Bomb Wars

Google bombing is nothing new. Its been used for a variety of humorous searches such as “weapons of mass destruction” and “french military victories”. However, after an anti-semitic web site obtained the number one ranking for the Google search jew some e-activists decided to create a Joogle bomb to combat this placement and succeeded in getting wikipedia’s entry for jew into the top spot. Google has released this statement on the matter. In addition there have been efforts to shut down the site, see for details. Seth Finkelstein has noticed that is not listed in the German and French localized Google, due to Google’s filtering of search results in those countries.

And the battle continues, despite being shutdown (unavailable when I tried to acces the site) remains within the top 5 (check GoogleDance) searches. it seems that sites are still linking and linking to it.

Thanks to Seeker in #citizenlab for the heads up on this.

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