In the media

The media can be your best friend and/or your worst enemy. They can make you famous or infamous. They can misquote you, misrepresent you, infuriate you as well as promote you, get recognition for your projects and help you get your message out to the public. What follows is a somewhat narcissistic collection of media related to various projects I’ve been involved with.

News Articles

Net ninjas take on web censorship
April 2004 – BBC

Bypassing China’s net firewall
March 2004 – BBC

Citizen Lab employs IT for human rights
February 2004 – Computer World

The Internet: Collateral Damage?
January 2003 – The Globe & Mail

Changing the world with computers
January 2003 – The Eye Opener

Terror battle moves to Net
September 2003 – The Toronto Star

Guerrilla Warfare, Waged With Code
October 2002 – New York Times

Hactivists help human-rights fight, bit by byte
November 2002 – Chicago Tribune

Circumventing censorship
December 2002 – Ottawa Citizen

Hacktivists of the world, divide
April 2001 – Security Watch

Radio Programs

Citizen Lab Report/Net Ninjas (April 2004) BBC Radio

Circumvention Technology 1 | 2 (2004) BBC Radio

Hackers/Citizen Lab (2003) CBC Radio


Hacktivista (2004)
Hacktivista is the story of three University of Toronto students who travel with their professor to Guatemala and Chiapas to work with human rights organizations and activists on Internet security and connectivity. The students call themselves “hacktivists” — a new breed of social activists who use technology to fight for privacy and freedom of speech.

The Hacktivists (2001)
The Hacktivists is a one-hour documentary on cultural subversion in the digital age. Powerful new types of protest on the internet reveal an emerging movement that’s leaderless, global, anarchic and chaotic.

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